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Running Compression Arm Sleeves

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Running Arm Sleeves

Arm compression sleeves are gaining popularity in the sports industry fast. Whether you look at professional athletes in world championship matches or some casual fitness conscious gym members - it seems as if everyone nowadays has got them on. However, since it’s a new development, not everyone Is even aware of this compression gear. So here are a few benefits of the arm compression sleeves you might want to know about:

Good Circulation

Proper circulation is essential for every athlete or fitness expert. Without which you can dive into a multitude of health problems and injuries. Some may have poor circulation as a natural issue while others may experience it due to previous injuries. Whatever the case is, to make sure you’re getting the proper circulation you require, arm compression sleeves will definitely help you. They will reduce chances of swelling and any further injuries as well as providing better circulation to your limbs and joints.


Whether you’re a marathon runner, going through trees and other hard obstacles in your way, or you’re a basketball player trying to avoid all the swiping hands of the defenders while you are driving the lane – arm compression sleeves will definitely benefit you by preventing nicks and cuts. These small cuts and scratches, which may look minute at the time, can become quite troublesome for an athlete if an infection brews in and may even decrease your play. These arm sleeves will act as a layer of protection so that no harm comes to one the athlete’s most important body parts.

Maintain Body Temperature

Predicting weather can be difficult even for the most advance of technologies. And temperature change when you’re playing or working out outside can be detrimental for your body and exercise routine. These arm compression sleeves will provide a buffer to the outside temperature and your body so your body temperature remains moderate without having to run inside for another sweater or wasting time removing your clothing because the scorching sun is too harsh. For all sorts of outdoor people, arm sleeves can prove to be very helpful and you can avoid many inconvenient issues.


This is probably the most important benefit of the arm compression sleeves. The arm sleeves help an injured or sore muscle to recover faster by graduated compression. So when you buy a pair of arm compression sleeves, you need to make sure that they allow proper graduated compression for sore muscles. The graduated compression arm sleeves have increased pressure near the wrist and decreased pressure near the biceps which enables all the deoxygenated blood to circulate back to heart much quicker which aids recovery significantly.

So, when buying an arm compression sleeve make sure it fits perfectly, loose enough to accommodate good circulation and tight enough to not slip off during movement. A darker color will also be helpful so it doesn’t get dirty quick. Be sure to wear a pair before any physical exercise and you will be surprised how much it actually helps.

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