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How to train for a full and half marathon

Mark A. How to train for a full and half marathon Running A Marathon

Marathons aren't your average run of a few miles. They're 26.2 miles of grueling ups and downs on paved roads. Over the course of several hours, your body goes through massive changes. If you're not prepared or handle the race wrong, you could find your body breaking down long before you've even reached the halfway mark. Here are 5 essential tips for running a marathon.

1.Pace Yourself

For those that have never run a full marathon before, it's easy to get ahead of yourself early on. While you might be feeling great and moving at a good speed, your body could bail on you long before the end of the race. Keep your speed below your peak, and let your body's cardio get in a comfortable rhythm.

2.Carbs are Crucial

Over the coure of a marathon, your body is going to burn through carbs faster than usual. Make sure you've got some lightweight, foods that are loaded with carbs. Eat them early and often so as not to run out of energy before your body can digest more carbs for you to use.

3.Stay Consistent

A new pair of running sneakers or a different water bottle pack could change how your body reacts to running such long distances. If you're thinking about new running gear, make sure you've taken the time to break it in with training. A change in your rhythms could result in a bad reaction from your body's comfort zone.

4.Keep the Fluids Coming

This is especially important if it's a hot day. Your body could completely give out on you if you don't consume at least 6 ounces of water every couple of miles. Sweating out your fluids could leave you dehydrated, resulting in your body breaking down before the final marker.

5.Find Your Body's Rhythm Before the Race

A slow walk or job can get your blood moving before you start running. Aside from stretching, do what you can to get your heart rate up a bit so your body doesn't tire out too quickly.

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