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3 Tips That Any Beginning Marathon Runners Must Know

Joy D 3 Tips Beginning Marathon Runners Must Know Running A Marathon

If you want to know how to run a marathon without any injuries and be proud of your marathon medal displays, you’ll want to read this article thoroughly. Specifically, I will give you 3 tips that you can use immediately for your marathon. Here they are in specific order: pacing your speed, planning your outfit and enjoying your race. Let’s get on with the first tip.

Pacing your speed

A lot of marathon beginners make the mistake of setting off too fast. Marathon is different than sprint so you need to pace your run differently. Make sure you have plenty of energy during the last stage of your marathon. Resist the temptation of running fast at the beginning of the race and you’ll be rewarded at the end of the race. Don’t run out of fuel before you see that finish line. Remember that marathon isprimarily a test of your stamina and mind, not a test of your speed.

Planning your outfit

Not wearing proper gear and equipment is another mistake that most marathon beginners make. By not wearing the proper shoes and equipment, you are risking yourself for injuries. I would recommend you at least wear comfortable shirt that absorbs sweat and resist wind. For shoes, I would recommend a good, comfortable running shoes, preferably a new one. Wearing proper outfit will not make you a world winning marathon runners but it will save you from injuries and headache later on.

Enjoying your race

Never forget that you are not running marathon to strain yourself (or your legs). Don’t be too stressed out before running the race. Instead, be thankful that you and your body can participate in a marathon race. And remember to always smile even when the going gets tough! Our physiological behavior affect our psychological state of mind and this is true even in marathon.

Now you should be able to implement those 3 simple tips for your first marathon running. You won’t be able to be proud of your marathon medal displays yet but those three things will help you start off your successful marathon running campaign. Remember to pace your speed so you don’t run out of energy during the last phase of your run, to plan your outfit to avoid injuries and to enjoy the race because not everyone can run in a marathon. I wish you the best of luck on your marathon race!

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