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How do you find the best pair of running shoes?

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The best running shoes are capable of giving you super human strength and with them; you’ll never have to wake up early in the morning and become less motivated to run or to finish a long run. Does this sound a little funny? Well, you might be surprised to hear that the best running shoes can work some miracles by motivating you and giving you a great overall performance.

The big question – how do you find the best pair of running shoes?

In an article by Consumer Reports (CR), a slightly scientific approach was introduced into the picture and they were able to list six categories one can evaluate the best running shoes with.

  • Fit
  • Flexibility
  • Cushioning
  • Stability
  • Breathability
  • Weight

These are arguably essential to choosing the best shoes for running but how can this bunch of six be applied to evaluate the best shoes for yourself? Examine our explanation below.

Fit is very important to every runner but could be a tricky subject due to factors like length of the foot, the width and your personal preference or other factors. Do you have wide feet? High arches? Do you require special room in your shoes? Keeping these in mind, you can easily find a shoe manufacturer that will target your particular need in this regard and you’ll eventually save yourself the stress of trying different shoes just to find the perfect fit for subsequent run. Trying different shoes without a specific need will also let you settle for a pair that you tag ‘not as bad as the others’ – Never settle for less!

Stability and flexibility are a lot personal. The stability of a shoe depends on individual ankle strength and the tendency to pronate and supinate. Note that running in a shoe that does not give room for biomechanics can promote injury.

Cushioning might tempt you to think you can get all the cushioning you want already; quite alright but not totally correct. It appears that the more expensive the shoes you are buying is, the more cushioning is available within. Good cushioning maintains a comfy experience when running; if however you are a casual runner, you can opt for a less expensive pair of running shoes as there is greater possibility of getting all the cushioning you want. On the other hand, if you run several miles per day, you might want to consider a more expensive pair. Today, there is increasing evidence that the quality of your running shoes can affect your motivation and health so you want to cycle your shoes more frequently.

As for breathability and weight, do these actually matter? The real question here is: do you run long distances? What is the temperature when you run? Do your feet sweat a lot? A general rule is to find a pair that breathes a lot and weighs less.

Having found the best running shoes, will you be transformed into a super hero? Definitely not guaranteed but will have a huge effect on your motivation and overall performance.

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