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Best High Visibility Adjustable Reflective Arm Ankle Bands - Set of Two - High Quality Fabric Material

Best High Visibility Adjustable Reflective Arm Ankle Bands - Set of Two - High Quality Fabric Material
$ 9.95

More than 63,000 pedestrians and runners are hit by cars every year! Every time that you reach for your dog's leash, lace up your running shoes or cycling, you're putting yourself at risk for becoming the victim of an accident. High Visibility Reflective Ankle & Arm Bands are bright yellow 2-inch cloth bands that can be worn on your arm, wrist and ankle. Two reflective strips run the full length of the bands, giving you high visibility protection for both day and night. Because the bands work due to their color and light reflectivity, there are no batteries to install or replace, and the safety bands can be worn in all types of weather without worry. The highly effective visibility features of the bands will help motorists see you from up to 1000 feet away, so they have plenty of time to slow down. Available in 10-inch and 12-inch lengths, High Visibility Reflective Ankle & Arm Bands are perfect for men, women and kids. The bands fasten with a Velcro closure, making them fully adjustable. Made with your comfort in mind, the reflective ankle bands and armbands won't cut off your circulation or chaff your skin, yet they stay in place without slipping and sliding, even if you sweat. Protect yourself whenever you're near the road either your walking, running or cycling: comfortable, simple and highly effective way. Order your pair of High Visibility Reflective Ankle & Arm Bands and stand out safely. Select the right size for your needs and add the set of two armbands to your cart now.

  • MAKE SURE YOU'RE SEEN The bright yellow fabric and dual reflective strips help motorists spot you from up to 1000 feet away to ensure your safety. With no brand name or other graphics, this armband keeps you safe without making you a walking advertisement!
  • A TRULY PERFECT FIT There's no such thing as a one-size-fits all armband! Arm and ankle sizes vary greatly, which is why we offer both 10-inch and 12-inch sizes! As a result, our adjustable armband provides a more comfortable fit for men, women and children alike with no chaffing or cutting into the skin
  • NO BATTERIES REQUIRED! Why take the chance that batteries will run out in your lighted armband and leave you in the dark? Our armband keeps you safe using light reflectivity, saving you from the expense and hassles of frequent battery changes
  • PERFECT FOR EVERY OUTDOOR ACTIVITY Wear this pair of arm and ankle bands when you're running, cycling, walking your dog, and any other time when you need to protect yourself from being struck by a vehicle
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Our armband is backed by a 1-year warranty, so you can add it to your cart with confidence! Your choice of 10 inches or 12 inches at no additional cost

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